on infection control

TEDx Gothenburg


In this TEDx event, you will hear 1928 CEO, Dr. Kristina Lagerstedt share her thoughts on both negative effects from the Covid-19 pandemic but also opportunities going forward.

1928 Academy: The New Gold Standard for Pathogen Typing


Episode 1 of the How to fight superbugs- the power of DNA analysis webinar series

1928 Talks - The team


The heart of a health tech startup – The team and the product. Meet a part of the team behind the 1928 analysis platform.

1928 Talks - Erik Kristiansson


1928 Talks with Erik Kristiansson, professor in Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, about bioinformatics, interdisciplinary collaborations and the future of A.I.

1928 Talks - Joakim Larsson


1928 Talks with Joakim Larsson, professor in environmental pharmacology, about the environmental aspects of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical production.

Customer Testimonial Karolinska University Hospital


Prof. Giske and his team describes how the 1928 platform for infection control supports them in the clinical routine.

Dr. Gunnar Kahlmeter explains the dangers of antimicrobial resistance


Dr. Gunnar Kahlmeter is quite a celebrity in his field of expertise. As a clinical microbiologist since 1971, he's been battling antimicrobial resistance all his life, and most of his research has been in antimicrobial resistance and infection control.

Fredrik Dyrkell, CTO, explains the power of the 1928 platform


Fredrik Dyrkell is the CTO of 1928 Diagnostics. His expertise is within software development, bioinformatics, user experience, quality and regulatory.