You can now add metadata to your samples in the platform. The data is uploaded through a csv-file.

One of the new features in our service is the possibility to add metadata to your samples. Metadata is used for storing sample specific information that you as a user have added. Metadata is therefore not additional output from the analysis, but rather an option for you to customize and have a better overview of your samples.

You can upload the following metadata to each of your samples. The uploaded metadata will appear on the Sample Details-page for each sample, in the cluster and when you export the data. If the field is limited to a predefined set of options, these will appear in parenthesis.

  • Collection date
  • Source type (options are: screen or clinical)
  • Patient type (options are: inpatient or outpatient)
  • Lab ID
  • Alias ID
  • City / region
  • Clinic
  • Specimen type
  • Epi information
  • Project
  • Comments

You will find a thorough description of each field in our Help-section inside the platform.

Adding metadata to your samples is done by using the Metadata-button that you find on the Sample Index page. From there you can upload a csv-file containing the information for the selected samples. You can always change or delete metadata for any of your samples.

Try it out today!