1928 Diagnostics enters the US market with their cloud service platform for microbial analysis


The 1928 team at the annual IDSA meeting at IDWeek in Washington D.C.

In October, 1928 Diagnostics launched their cloud service for microbial analysis onto the US market during the annual IDSA meeting at IDWeek in Washington D.C. Entering the US market, 1928 Diagnostics will provide value for US based hospitals to fight hospital acquired infections.

1928 Diagnostics, a Swedish company, provides an online service for automated and powerful DNA data analysis to keep track of multiresistant bacteria, called superbugs.

“We are excited to bring our service to the North American countries to provide value for clinical microbiology labs and hospitals.” says, Kristina Lagerstedt, CEO at 1928 Diagnostics.

The 1928 service was launched onto the European market back in April and has since then been preparing for the US market in terms of compliance. During the annual IDSA meeting at IDWeek I Washington D.C. in October, 1928 Diagnostics officially entered the US market.

1928 Diagnostics has over the years, through collaboration, acquired knowledge and developed important relationships with US hospital laboratories. This is now materializing into products and business opportunities. When it comes to using DNA data for tracing hospital acquired infections the US market is now catching up to a similar adoption rate to that in Europe.

“We see that the whole field is moving towards implementing DNA data analysis for outbreak tracing and antibiotic resistance identification. Fast detection and immediate, proper action on multi resistant infections is crucial to stop the spread of hospital acquired infections, and outsmarting the superbugs”, says Kristina Lagerstedt.

About 1928 Diagnostics:
1928 Diagnostics provides an online platform for automated and powerful DNA data analysis. It is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Kristina Lagerstedt, CEO and co-founder 1928 Diagnostics
Phone: +46 (0)73 743 96 65