Founder story

1928 was founded by four scientists and entrepreneurs within tech and healthcare to contribute in the combat against one of the greatest threats facing humanity - antibiotic resistance. Since the foundation of the company in 2014, we have commercialized Professor Erik Kristiansson's research at Chalmers University of technology, Sweden, into a DNA analytics platform for healthcare providers to effectively track and minimize spread of superbugs globally. Long-term friends Dr. Kristina Lagerstedt and Dr. Susanne Staaf, with medical and big-pharma backgrounds, have operated 1928 together from day one and built the team of software developers, bioinformaticians, microbiologists and quality engineers of whom together have built the 1928 platform. The 1928 Chairman of the Board- tech and medtech serial entrepreneur Olof Sköld have guided the team based on his wide experiences and built a globally operating and recognized company with a clear vision. The strength of the 1928 team is our faceted competence, our continuous and strong relations within tech, healthcare and science and most of all - our common goal. We are dedicated and convinced that by collaboration and bridging innovative technology we can and will contribute to world health.

Why are we the best at solving this?

1928 Diagnostics is a growing team of bioinformaticians, software developers, microbiologists and molecular biologists dedicated to enable and optimize the use of the powerful WGS technology to improve infection diagnostics worldwide. By developing products in close contact and collaboration with end users we build easy-to-use and highly powerful bioinformatic analysis tools that fill present and future needs of infection diagnostics.

We are hiring

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