Where complex data turns into actionable results

1928 has developed an easy-to-use Bioinformatics Platform to support microbiologists in taking full advantage of their sequencing data


From raw data to results in 3 easy steps

In just minutes, our cloud-based platform provides you with powerful bioinformatics analyses of your sequencing data. The 1928 Platform contains well-validated and specially customized algorithms that processes the raw data files from the sequencing machine.

By optimizing data handling processes in the cloud, the calculations are always efficient and fast due to optimized workflows and use of distributed systems.

Converting DNA reads, straight from the sequencer, into actionable results. Using advanced algorithms and curated databases in a high performing and scalable cloud service to extract high resolution information from the pathogen DNA. Everything easily accessible to the user, independent of knowledge level.


Upload sequencing raw data to our cloud-based webservice.

Data analysis

The sequence data is matched against our resistance and typing database.


Decision support for treatment and surveillance.

The 1928 Team is standing by
for the bioinformatics analyses

Worried about the interpretations? We have a skilled team ready to give you all the support you need to be confident in communicating your findings.

  • Active monitoring by 1928 team to ensure a complete relevant analysis
  • Hospital organization configuration for access to user accounts, units and sharing groups
  • General training in the service and analysis for all users in the platform
  • Assistance with technical evaluation of results

Prof. Gunnar Kahlmeter
on the future of infection control

The source of hospital-acquired infections is really us, the people

The patients, the hospital staff – we all carry bacteria. And people need to know about the dangers and how to behave to prevent spreading infections. To be proactive in your infection control, irrespective of what healthcare system you are working in, you have to make sure that the entire chain of events is carefully planned and organized.

Everyone can support the fight against antibiotic resistance

It is one of those situations where we all have responsibility. It is a bit like the climate catastrophe, everyone has to do their part. The individual part may seem small but if we do not combine all the small parts, we will not succeed.


How do I get started?

We are proud to be able to support your sequencing workflow by generating high-quality results in a rapid time frame.

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