Impact Infection Control
for quality care providers

Outbreak Tracing and Sample Characterization

1928 offers high precision detection and transmission analyses of the most dangerous pathogens spread in the hospital.

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Monitor and Analyze

1928 Diagnostics offers a bioinformatics analytics platform for infection control. Using whole genome sequencing (WGS) data, 1928 contributes to the fight against infections by identifying and characterizing superbugs to assist in tracking, controlling, and preventing outbreaks. Our innovation offers a solution to control the spread of infections and save the power of antibiotics, thereby improving world health and saving costs for healthcare systems.

DNA sequencing data

  • Quality Control of Sample
  • Species Identification
  • Resistance Profiling
  • Virulence Factors
  • Clustering (cgMLST, SNP)
  • Transmission Analysis with Metadata
  • Report and Communicate
  • Create Sample Reference Library

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The 1928 Team is standing by
for the Bioinformatics Analysis

Worried about the interpretations? We have a skilled team ready to give you all the support you need to be confident in communicating your findings.

Are Foodborne Disease Outbreaks causing your Laboratory Time-Consuming, Complicated, and Costly Data Analysis?

Explore the Future of Detecting, Investigating and Preventing Foodborne Disease Outbreaks

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Prof. Gunnar Kahlmeter
on the future of infection control

The source of hospital-acquired infections is really us, the people

The patients, the hospital staff – we all carry bacteria. And people need to know about the dangers and how to behave to prevent spreading infections. To be proactive in your infection control, irrespective of what healthcare system you are working in, you have to make sure that the entire chain of events is carefully planned and organized.

Everyone can support the fight against antibiotic resistance

It is one of those situations where we all have responsibility. It is a bit like the climate catastrophe, everyone has to do their part. The individual part may seem small but if we do not combine all the small parts, we will not succeed.
Kristina and Susanne, co-founders and management at 1928.

Our story
– fighting superbugs

1928 was founded in 2014 to contribute in the combat against one of the greatest threats facing humanity – antibiotic resistance.

Dr. Susanne Staaf and Dr. Kristina Lagerstedt have operated 1928 together from day one and built the team of software developers, bioinformaticians, microbiologists and quality engineers of whom together have built the 1928 analysis platform for infection control.

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